All You Need To Know About World MS Day

All You Need To Know About World MS Day

MS in World MS Day stands for ‘Multiple Sclerosis’. Well, this is a disabling disease of the spinal cord and brain. People having this disease suffer from a communication problems. In this case, the immune system basically attacks the myelin that covers the nerve fibers. It leads to a communication problem between the rest of the body and your brain. If it is not treated properly, it will cause permanent damage to your nervous system.

Now, if we talk about World MS Day, it is a kind of global event that people observe every year on 30th May. The main objective of this day is to increase awareness among general people about multiple sclerosis disease. The day also brings people having this disease together; they share their stories and they also let others know how they are making adjustments in their daily life.

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MS refers to a neurological condition that affects the spinal cord, optic nerves, and brain. It causes a wide range of physical problems such as problems with muscle control, vision, and balance. The symptoms vary from one person to another. Talking about the cause of this problem, well, this is still unknown and therefore, there is no right cure for this disease. Research is going on to find the solution.

Did you know that almost 2.3 million people across the globe are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis? The report is presented by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation. If we talk about the term, ‘multiple sclerosis’, well, it indicates ‘many scars’ in the spinal cord and brain. Myelin, the protective cover gets damaged and it leaves a wound behind. When symptoms become visible, MRI identifies these wounds.

Well, this disease is challenging, progressive, and unpredictable to diagnose and researchers are working hard to find a proper cure. Anyway, World MS Day is very significant as it provides us with an opportunity to boost awareness among people. People having this disease come together and they share their stories. It helps to understand the required resources. Moreover, it improves the support system. The World MS Day campaigns offer a high level of flexibility for organizations and flexibility so that they can achieve a wide range of goals.

World MS Day is one of the significant events. Talking about the theme of World MS Day 2020–2022, well, it is ‘connections’. The core objective of this campaign is to build a strong community connection and self-connection. Apart from this, many organizations want to use this day to improve the quality of care.
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