All You Need To Know About World No-Tobacco Day

All You Need To Know About World No-Tobacco Day

According to CDC, almost 16 million people in America are living with a disease that is caused by smoking. Did you know that almost 480000 people in the United States die due to cigarette smoking? Another research shows that people who smoke die earlier than the people who do not smoke. Well, we are letting you know about these facts because, here, we will be talking about World No-Tobacco Day.

Well, World No-Tobacco Day is a very remarkable event and people all over the country observe this event every year on 31st May. If we talk about the main objective of this event, well, this day provides a golden opportunity to let people aware of the negative aspects of consuming tobacco. People can achieve a healthy living and apart from this, they can protect the future generations as well.

A sad soul can be just as lethal as a germ.

John Steinbeck

It was in 1987 when the Member States of the World Health Organization created this World No-Tobacco Day. They wanted to draw attention globally to the epidemic aspect of tobacco. They wanted to highlight preventable death as well as the diseases that tobacco consumption causes. The World No-Tobacco Day also highlights the widespread outcomes of tobacco consumption. According to the statistics, it is leading to almost 8 million deaths worldwide every year. The shocking thing is that among these, almost 1.2 million people are non-smokers. People are smoking in public and therefore, non-smokers are getting in touch with this. As a result, they are exposed to second-hand smoke. One of the key objectives of World No-Tobacco Day is to protect the world from smokers and tobacco industries.

The Significance Of World No-Tobacco Day

Understanding the significance of World No-Tobacco Day is very important. People are observing this event every year on 31st May. It is bringing an opportunity where the organizations can come ahead and spread awareness. People who are smoking on a daily basis can still achieve a healthy life if they become aware of the deadly outcomes of tobacco consumption. One of the foremost aims of World No-Tobacco day is to spread public awareness about the negative aspects of consuming tobacco products. This day also highlights how the doctors deal with the problems that one can experience while quitting smoking.

According to a report presented by WHO, there is a higher chance that smokers will get more affected compared to non-smokers amid this pandemic situation. This news triggered the minds of the smokers very badly and there are millions of smokers who wanted to quit consuming tobacco products.

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