Halloween Fundraising Ideas For Non-Profit Organizations

5 min readOct 3, 2022


Halloween Fundraising Ideas For Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are often put in charge of raising funds for worthwhile causes throughout the year, and Halloween is no different. If you are looking to raise funds for your non-profit organization, this Halloween season may be the perfect time to do so. You don’t have to limit your fundraising ideas to trick-or-treaters alone — there are plenty of other ways that you can get involved in your neighborhood, have fun and raise money all at the same time! Here are some Halloween fundraising ideas that will help you turn the spirit of Halloween into an event that brings in some extra cash to benefit your cause.

Use Treat Bags To Raise Money- Useful Fundraising Ideas

One way to raise money is to make and sell treat bags. You can buy a large amount of treats, such as Hershey kisses, Reece’s peanut butter cups, chocolate chips and M&Ms, and put them in small, inexpensive cellophane bags. You could also make special chocolate bars with your organization’s name or logo on them. Once you’ve made the treat bags or bars, you’ll need to figure out how much they will cost. Then add a minimum of 25% for your organization’s profit margin.

Hand Out Candy Floss Instead Of Candy

One way to make your fundraising efforts more successful is by giving out something other than candy. Candy can be expensive and it might not appeal to everyone. Instead of passing out candy at your door, offer up a different treat like cotton candy or popcorn that people will enjoy just as much without the cost. Cotton candy is a great choice because it’s colorful and tastes like a sweet cloud of fluffy goodness. Popcorn is also popular because it’s salty and a little bit crunchy. You’ll still want to pass out stickers or other small items so people know you’re raising money for your cause too!

Host A Costume Party- One Of The Best Fundraising Ideas

This year, instead of having a party just for fun, host one that raises money for your favorite charity. The more money you raise, the better your costume will be! Plus, it’s an easy way to get your friends and family involved in supporting the organization. Invite guests to come in their costumes and donate $10 or more at the door. You can also collect donations online through Werbylo. Once you know how much you’ve raised, ask guests to vote on who should win best costume by donating additional money towards that person’s costumed goal. For making the entire ecosystem of donation online, you can blindly go with Werbylo.

Sell Tote Bags As A Fundraiser

There are many benefits of selling tote bags as a fundraiser for your non-profit organization. First, it’s easy to make and sell. All you need is some felt, an iron, and some stuffing. Second, it can be used all year round as a grocery bag or for your books or laptop when you’re traveling. Third, it’s good for the environment. Fourth, they come in lots of different designs which appeal to different people’s tastes. Fifth, they’re inexpensive to make so you can reach more people with them at lower cost. Sixth, they can include your nonprofit logo on them so that they create awareness about your organization while you fundraise!

Use Charitable Treat Bags When Visiting The Elderly- Best Fundraising Ideas

When the Fall season comes around, one of the best ways to make money is to go door-to-door selling candy and ask if they would like a free treat bag as well. This is a good way to raise money for your organization because you are giving them something in return for their donation, which will encourage them to say yes. You can also have members of your organization hand out the bags on your behalf and offer incentives for people who donate more than the average donation or who might be especially generous. If you are going door-to-door with these bags, make sure to mention that it is for charity and not just a trick or treat bag.

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Give Away Toys Instead Of Candy At Trick Or Treat Events

Giving away toys instead of candy at trick or treat events is a great way to do some good while getting in the spirit. The perfect time to use this idea is when organizations hold their annual event, because if they only have one major fundraiser a year, this would be it. Plus, you’ll get more bang for your buck as toys are usually cheaper than candy. If you’re doing a smaller event, you could set up tables with different types of toys — like board games and puzzles — so people can choose what they want before they go door to door.

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