Know Everything About Naw Ruz Baha’i

Know Everything About Naw Ruz Baha’i

Naw Ruz which is mostly celebrated in the Middle East is considered as the first day as per the Baha’i Calendar. For the people who support Baha’i Faith, Naw Ruz is one of the nine holy days. It is the vernal equinox when this day occurs and it is also considered as the Iranian New Year. Every year, people generally observe it on the 21st of March. Naw Ruz is also known as Nowruz and it is a kind of traditional holiday. An interesting fact about this day is that the Baha’i holiday had actually derived from this day. People in Iran have been celebrating this since ancient times. Moreover, people who are culturally adjacent to this and living in Tajikistan, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan also observe this day.

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The founder of Babism is called Bab and on the other side, the founder of the Baha’i Faith is known as Baha’u’llah. Well, they actually adopted this day as one of the holy days. In addition to this, they also associated this day with God. People belonging to this culture call it –Most Great Name of God. Well, as per the calculation, the Baha’i holiday does not appear on the same day every year. Anyway, Naw Ruz is a kind of traditional festival and it does not embody other Persian practices culturally associated with this Naw Ruz. However, as per the Baha’i scriptures, it is a kind of religious event.

Significance Of Naw Ruz

Talking about the Badi calendar instituted by the Babi religion, it generally consists of 19 months and each month has only 19 days. Well, the first day of these months, as well as the first month, is called Baha. It is a kind of Arabic word that means glory or splendor. Now, talking about the Naw Ruz, it is the first day as per the Baha’i calendar and it is also known as the first day of the year. People call it ‘The Day of God’ and this day is inextricably associated with one of the messianic figures as per the writings of Bab.

As per Bab’s writings, Baha’u’llah is considered as the messianic figure who is also the founder of the Baha’i Faith. Well, this messianic figure adopted this Naw Ruz as a religious and holy day and this figure also adopted the calendar. ‘Most Great Name of God’ and Naw Ruz are inextricably associated with each other. It actually indicates the month of Fasting. People who fast observe this religious festival, Naw Ruz.

Know More About Naw Ruz

In every religious dispensation, you will find a kind of symbolic notion that actually indicates the renewal of time. Well, it was Bab’s writings that made this thing more concrete and explicit. Abdu’l-Baha who is the successor and son of Baha’u’llah made a perfect explanation about Naw Ruz. He gave the utmost significance to this day and apart from this, he told that it symbolizes new life.



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