Know Important Things About The World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is one of the most salient and observable events. People across the globe observe this event. In 2006, almost 66 countries observed this day whereas the number became 88 within two years. Yes, in 2008, almost 88 countries observed this day. The foremost aim of this World Kidney Day is to raise global awareness about the health of our kidneys. Non-profit organizations and health professionals across the globe step forward in order to mitigate the impact and frequency of kidney disease. Moreover, they also try to mitigate some associated health problems. It is basically a joint initiative of the International Federation of Kidney Foundations and the International Society of Nephrology. Well, it is an international event and people generally observe this day on the 2nd of Thursday in March. If we talk about 2021, it will be the 11th of March when people will be celebrating World Kidney Day.

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Mission And Objective Of World Kidney Day

Well, World Kidney Day is a kind of global campaign. The main objective of this day to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys. People across the world observe this day on the 2nd week of March. There are many non-profit organizations that conduct various events on this day. They generally do it to create awareness about the preventive behaviors, risk factors for kidney disease. They also let people educate how they can live with kidney disease. If we specifically talk about the objective of World Kidney Day, these are as follows:

- It promotes systematic screening for patients having hypertension and diabetes.
- On World Kidney Day, the organizations educate people about the risk factors of kidney disease. People come to know that high blood pressures and diabetes are some main risk factors for kidney disease.
- Many organizations step forward and encourage preventive behaviors.
- One of the foremost objectives of World Kidney Day is to educate health professionals about their main role in mitigating and detecting the risk of chronic kidney disease.
- Governments are encouraged so that they can invest money and take some necessary action in the process of kidney screening.
- Encourage kidney transplantation in the cases of kidney failure.

Chronic Kidney Disease And World Kidney Day

Well, if you want to raise awareness on World Kidney Day, you must know the aspects inextricably connected with chronic kidney disease. It is a kind of progressive loss in our kidney functions. There is a point and if the kidney function goes below this point, it is called kidney failure. It can become life-threatening if it is not diagnosed properly. High blood pressure, diabetes can cause chronic kidney disease. Early detection, as well as treatment, can keep the entire thing in good shape. Otherwise, it can become worse. Certain things that are associated with chronic kidney disease are as follows:




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Werbylo is a cloud-based solution for nonprofits, churches and religious organizations. | We rise by lifting others.

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