Observe National Nursing Week

Observe National Nursing Week

Nursing is one of those jobs where you need the perfect combination of a compassionate heart and scientific thinking. In the United States, it is considered one of the most ethical and honest professions. People across the United States and Canada celebrate this week in order to bring the spotlight on the nurses such as LPNs, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. They dedicate their entire lives to the improvement of the lives of other people. Therefore, here, we have given a brief elaboration of the National Nursing Week. Apart from it, we will also let you know the background and how you can celebrate this.

Caring is the essence of nursing.

Jean Watson

Talking about the National Nursing Week, well, it is a kind of annual celebration, and nurses all over the world celebrate this. This brings a golden opportunity to invest, appreciate and recognize the contribution of the nurses as well as the whole nursing industry. It is a weekly event and the celebration starts on 6th May and it ends on 12th May. There are so many specific events that come under the National Nursing Week. If we talk about the 6th May, it is considered the first day of this week and on 8th May, people pay attention to the student nurses as it is called National Student Nurses Day. Now, talking about 12th May, people call it National School Nurse Day and International Nurses Day. Nurses from different sections contribute to their communities.

The National Nursing Week 2020 was quite different. During the pandemic situation, nurses across the world worked day and night for saving the lives of the people. They put themselves on the frontline in order to save others. Therefore, a weekly event will not be enough to show our gratitude. We should show our support throughout the year. The role of the nurses defines the significance of the National Nursing Week.

Nurses are the true all-rounder, rockstar, and heart of the entire healthcare sector. During the hospital visit, they are the first as well as the last person a patient often sees. So, we have already mentioned that the National Nursing Week is all about celebrating and highlighting the contribution of the nurses. But, how did it start? Knowing the background of this weekly event is very important. 6th May is the first day of National Nursing week whereas it concludes on 12th May. Well, this is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. It was in 1954 when people observed the first National Nursing Week in order to mark the pioneering work of Nightingale in Crimea. Here, we have made a brief explanation of the history of the National Nursing Week.
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