The Importance Of National Police Week

The Importance Of National Police Week

The Police are, no doubt, an important instrument or element that is actually responsible for maintaining order and peace in the country. It is their hard work that brings peace to our daily lives. They sacrifice their lives to protect the people of the nation. But, did you know that there is a specific event that commemorates the contribution of the police? Well, we are actually talking about National Police Week. People in Canada observe this event in May. It is the time when people reflect upon the police who lost their lives while doing their duties. Apart from this, National Police Week gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation for the people who are keeping our society in good shape.

People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwell

Know More About National Police Week

National Police Week is one of the most significant events. During this week, people across the nation come forward to honour the sacrifices of the men and women of law enforcement. People honour those men and women who paid the ultimate price while serving their communities. Talking about the event more precisely, well, the Law Enforcement Department plans in-person events in order to offer community support, remembrance, honour, respect and community support to the police. Apart from this, the citizens and law enforcement survivors gather in order to pay tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives while doing their duty.

Talking about National Police Week 2021, there will be virtual events. People all over the world can watch it online. People observe the National Police Week throughout the second full week of May. From 9th May to 15th May, National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum will organize various programs in order to keep the present officers in healthy and good shape. It will keep the present officers safe. Apart from this, people show their honour to the fallen heroes. The names of those people have been added to the Memorial.

Talking about history, it was in 1962 when President Kennedy promulgated 15th May as the National Peace Officers Memorial Day. The calendar week, when 15th May occurs, is called the National Police Week. Talking about the main objective of this week, well, it pays very special recognition to the police officers or law enforcement officers who have lost their lives while providing protection and safety to others.

Why National Police Week Is So Special

It was in 1962 when the National Police Week started and then, in 1982, the Memorial Service was introduced.
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