Things To Know About Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Things To Know About Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Report says that bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers badly affecting people globally. If we talk about the United States, it is the fourth most common cancer among men. Overall, it is the 6th most common cancer. May is the Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. It is the time when organizations across the globe come forward and help people suffering from bladder cancer. During this month, people also raise public awareness regarding bladder cancer. Fundraisers conduct crowdfunding campaigns for bladder care programs, bladder treatment, and research programs.

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The good thing about this month is that there are many people who have already suffered from bladder cancer step forward and share their stories. Thus, they inspire and educate other people who are affected by bladder cancer. The Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is also an ideal time for the people closely associated with the bladder cancer community. They work together to increase global awareness and apart from this, they also raise funds for the bladder cancer research program, patient support, and patient education.

World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

As we are talking about Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, we must mention the name of this organization. In fact, they give more preference to under-represented and unrepresented countries. The affiliates and members of this organization work at a national level in order to provide first-hand information and patient support. World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition truly believes that evidence-based advocacy is the best option through which the bladder cancer treatment program can achieve a positive direction.

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